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Rev. Candy Holmes, a Washingtonian, is ordained clergy with the Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC). Rev. Holmes lifts up a liberation theology that is enriched by her Baptist, Pentecostal, and Interfaith roots and her social justice vision. These aspects of Rev. Holmes’ life help her to form an ecumenically-based ministry that boldly proclaims “God’s love includes everyone.” In addition to serving MCC as the Program Officer for People of African Descent, she also serves in various leadership roles for The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries, National Black Justice Coalition, Many Voices and other ecumenical and social advocacy projects.  Rev. Holmes continues to put feet on the divine message of liberation through her social justice work.

As a spiritual activist, Rev. Holmes’ understands that sharing our voices and stories of faith is essential to changing minds and transforming hearts. Consequently, she is a sought after thought leader and speaker, working with advocacy and civic groups, such as the Human Rights Campaign, National Black Justice Coalition, GLAAD, Many Voices, NGLTF, Freedom To Marry, etc. In addition, she has participated in local and national marriage equality, diversity, and LGBT initiatives, such as being a spokesperson for the successful passage of marriage equality in Maryland.  Rev. Holmes has been featured the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Elixher, and other media venues.  No matter where you find Rev. Candy, she is tearing down walls that divide, and building up bridges of hope and justice. Her mission is “Be the change you want to see.” 

Rev. Holmes is a graduate of the Episcopal School of Divinity, Cambridge, Massachusetts and The New Seminary, New York City, New York.  She is resident of Maryland where she resides with her wife, the Rev. Darlene Garner. 

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Mar 09, 2018

Dear friends and colleagues, 

There are few things certain in life, but change is certain. Today I am writing to share a significant change in my ministry and why this shift is critical. 

Apr 30, 2015

Faith leaders from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Native, Wiccan and other traditions convened for a multi-faith prayer at 5pm Sunday, April 26, at the National Christian Church in Washington, D.C., on the theme “Where there is Love, All Things are Possible.”

After that prayer service where we laid our hearts and prayers on a common table, I truly believed all things were possible through love.

Feb 02, 2015

“…Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost

For over 30 years of going to my workplace and being fearful that my sexual orientation would be found out; I never dreamed I would be standing in the Oval Office with the President speaking with him about LGBT Rights. Yet, one day I found myself greeting President Obama, and thanking him for caring about the lives and civil rights of LGBT people.

Mar 04, 2014

The Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) will convene the Conference for People of African Descent, Our Friends, and Allies (PAD) in Atlanta, GA, from May 15-17, 2014. The PAD Conference will be located at the First Metropolitan Community Church of Atlanta, 1379 Tullie Road, Atlanta, Georgia USA.

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