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Discrimination Is Not A Christian Value

As political debates over religious freedom rage, Christians are rising above the fray to make a simple proclamation:

Discrimination is not a Christian value.

Unfortunately, discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people remains common, even here in the United States. In 29 states, it is legal to fire or discriminate against hardworking employees based on their sexual orientation. In 32 states, it is legal to fire or discriminate against hardworking employees based on their gender identity.

In a world broken by prejudice and hatred, Christians are called to embody the unconditional love of God for all. Jesus proclaimed this message to the world in his new commandment:

Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. (John 13:34-35)

Jesus was not bound by the expectations of society, and through his ministry, he extended the love of God to many who had been deemed “unworthy.” Through Jesus’ own example and teachings, we are called into action.

We are called to welcome the stranger, feed the hungry, and visit the imprisoned. We are called to love our neighbor—not discriminate.

Pledge today to end discrimination against LGBT people.

Join our chorus of Christians as together, we proclaim: discrimination is not a Christian value! 

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a lesbian, gay, homosexual,etc christian? that sounds like an oximoron. i am a christian, better yet a believer in jesus christ our LORD. there is a difference in a christian strugglin againt temptatio for a lifestyle that is gay, homo, etc. vs a lesbian stating is a christian. to be honest the struggling christian has the love of God that the lesbian christian. 1 cor 13 explain what is real love. real love loves thruth and real love hates iniquity. for that reason, us, christian, should not discriminate anyone based on their color of skin, social status, gender id, sexual orientation, etc. but loves them no matter what. also, us, christians, should not be afraid to declare, rebuke, those actions that are not accordingly to our LORDs word. and we should consel those lesbian, gay, etc with the truth of God.jesus showed real love but he always told the thruth with love to those who were living in sin and breaking his commandments. real love has two eyes, an eye for the truth and an eye to to the right thing. conclusion? loving my gay firend or family member without telling his sin is not real love. and yes i am clearly stating a lifestyle that is gay is sin just like a lifestyle of lies, mockery, drunkeness, discrmination, etc is a sin.

I am straight but formerly of questioning orientation. I live in Cincinnati, which until recently was very homophobic and Religious Right -oriented. I experienced discrimination from "Christian" employers and family members who were Fundamentalist or Evangelical, plus people in high school who were Methodist or Catholic. I am hoping that many Christians like yourselves exist in the world, to oppose the right wing and teach universal respect.

I believe that God is Love! Everyone knows and feels Love therefore we were all created out of God's Love for Us. All of us! Who are you to judge another human being? The only one who can judge another is God. And even then, God welcomes everyone with open arms. The God I love, loves everyone. So please people open your heart and stand united with one another. Stop the judging, the hatred, being close minded. We need a better world for our children! A harmonious world where we work together instead of listening to ignorant people who divide us! Spread the Love...Make God smile!

I pledge to allow God to guide my footsteps in guiding unaccepting Christians to turn from discrimination and to make the world a better place for gays

I never have judged a person based on the idea that they are part of the LGBT community, but for some reason, I am constantly verbally ridiculed for my faith. does it shake my faith? absolutely not. Do I retaliate by hating LGBT or atheist groups? Never. All I've ever asked it that people of any beliefs, whether it be Christian or not, treat me with the same respect I've always given them. Why is that so hard for people to accept? Yes, I believe in God. No, I will not judge you for not believing. so please stop judging me.

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I was also raised evangelic due to my mom's faith. I lived in the same hometown till I got married. My childhood was good. Born straight, but at the same time that I got curious about my sexuality and the opposite sex, I also started experimenting with the same sex. But all this didn't change my masculinity, I never been feminine or homosexual. My bisexuality was more into sexual pleasure than any type of feeling or love. Throught all this I was still member of my home church and I didn't felt guilty about my lifestyle. At the age of 16 I got tired of fooling around with the same sex and out of nowhere true love for a woman strucked me. I dated my exwife for a year, and we moved in together to a one bedroom apartment when I was around 19. I already had a full time job as an architectural drafter, my first new car and a hot girlfriend. Three years later we had our first baby boy and we also moved to our first single family home, three years after that we had our second son. We lived as a happy Christian family for 14 years. Throught all those years I was faithful, monogamous and a responsible husband and dad. We moved to Orlando Florida in 2000. On 2006, out of nowhere she filed for divorce and I became a single dad for 9 years. Keep in mind that she cheated on my twice and I forgave her completely. That halted my social life, my education, my adult fun and personal time. I became officially divorced on 2007. I started dating women again. I had two girlfriends between 2007 and 2008, none of those relationships lasted more than 6 months. After that I felt like women were no longer taking me seriously when it comes to my feelings and my intentions of once again finding true love. I stopped chasing after women for dates and love. I resumed meeting people for friendship, companionship and just to have fun on the weekends. I opened a few online profiles, and to my surprise mainly men were contacting me and complementing me. The only reason that I keep trying online meetups is because my friends and family all live in PR and NY. I decided to open my mind to meet men and women of any preferences, orientation, and religion. Again, mainly gay and bisexual people were contacting me. On 2013 I decided to meet people in person for the first time in years. Although is really hard for me to trust others when it comes to love and friendship, I finally have a few friends out there, mainly from the lgbt community. I'll say that I came back out again as a bisexual Christian after my divorce. But I'm not living the stereotyped gay, straight, bisexual, or Christian lifestyle. I'm always looking for different types of relationships with different types of people. Open minded people mature enough to build friendships without fear, judgment, or discrimination. I truly love all my friends no matter what.

I became a Christian around age 5. Next year I learned that one of my classmates had two moms and I remember thinking how cool that was! A couple of years later is when I remember seeing one of my church leaders crying infront of us because she was telling us how some presidential candidates believed that gays could get married and that was wrong. I didn't even hear her finished because I walked out in complete disgust that we were taught to love our neighbor expect if they are LGBT. I've became a stronger advocate as a result for LGBT and got so happy going to college church groups and learned that I wasn't alone in my thinking. Finding this group on facebook has really been a God Sent. My relationship with Jesus has strengthen greatly because now I know that the one true God and Jesus love ALL their children and that we should NOT discriminate for anything! I Pledge to end Discrimination because I am a Christian that LOVES everyone.

I pledge, and give thanks for this opportunity at Believe Out Loud. I agree that discrimination is not a Christian value. I am an ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) pastor of a "Reconciling in Christ" (ELCA-recognized, welcoming/supporting congregation of LGBTQ) congregation.

I demand to help me in any way on humanitarian bases not on as a citizen of Pakistan.
Because it is not my crime to be born in Pakistan.
Who is I!
I was born in a Muslim family ,my father is a Muslim scholar I view the hypocrisy closely, which causes me to come to learn that we are the most bad nation in the world.
I request you humbly …….
I and my wife allowed you to confirm my statements in any way and in any condition but do not disclose them publicly whether you help me or not.

Please tell me how much large sized application I wrote to you full of lies.
Why you do not believe e-mails, because I and my wife wrote many times to many foreign organizations but got no response.
I and my wife running a private school in countryside area of Punjab Lahore Pakistan.
I am not a Muslim and have a wife 4 daughter and my daughters are growing
I think that there’s No Hatred like Faith-Based Hatred.
Muslims will kill me and my family.
I am not so much rich like Salman Rashdi who take refuge in Britain.
Religion-based bigotry causes enormous harm to the people living in Pakistan, especially young, vulnerable teens.
Muslims only know how to kill, rape, and oppress others
I’ve learned there is something much deeper here that we need to address. The religious teachings that many people of faith embrace play an important role in whether people see being gay as a choice. Many people of faith believe:
My Main Points which causes my neighbors and people living in my town are against me and boycotted me severely .The results I and my family( a wife and three daughters aging about 3,6,11 years and one is to be bourn soon facing severe problems are as below:
My Daughters facing;
First of all my family boycotted me and then most of the friends.
1: Discriminations in society
2: inferiority complex
3: They are afraid of Muslims.
4: They can not study freely.
5: They have no freedom any way.
I think that I am not financially strong and my daughters will get higher education and earns a lot as son earn in Pakistani society and got married, but nothing could be possible in this. It is very difficult to live and prosper in Pakistan for a family who does not believe in any religions implemented in the world.
My main points

Whome are you to call what is writen discrimination. Who are you to say we cant have our believes. You will remember you can not be lgbt and a christian. You remember the verse one man, and one women. The rainbow is gods promise to not flood the earth. If you continue god will punish us. Please change your symbol.

Are you discriminating against people who believe the Bible is the Holy Word of God? Are you discriminating against "christians" who believe the Holy Scriptures where it is written that lust, perversion and having same sex relations is detestable to Him? Did not God discriminate against homosexuals when He destryed the cities of Sodom and Gamorah? Or are you patient, peaceful, loving and kind to those who disagree with your mixed up theology? Let's see! On your marks, get set , go....

As a straight ally and a Christian, I pledge to do all I can to show and remind members of the LGBT community that they are all beautiful, made in God's image and created with purpose. God makes no mistakes. You are important and you are loved by God just as much as anyone else.


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