Vote for Equality

Election Day is here, and it’s time to get out the vote for equality!

Residents of four states will consider marriage equality on their ballots. A popular vote for same-sex marriage in any of these states would be historic.

No matter which state we call home, making our voices heard in this election is critical. Public support for gays and lesbians is growing across the country, but we have yet to secure the basic rights granted to our neighbors.

Showing up to support our candidates on election day sends a message that we are paying attention, and we will not settle for the silence about LGBT issues that pervaded that Presidential debates.

Click here to find your polling place. Enter your address or click on your state voting guide for information about what you need to bring to the polls.

Voters affected by Hurricane Sandy can check their polling location here.

You can also help get out the vote in the four states considering same-sex marriage today. Sign up to phone bank from home.

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