Social Issues Not A Focus For Young Republicans

Heated discussions may be right around the corner for the GOP as they begin to clean the wounds from the early November elections. And it all has to do with social issues.

The Republican Party is currently divided on where their focus should be when talking about issues such as gay marriage, LGBTQ equality, and abortion. Older Republicans remain conservative through their economic and social standpoints. However, it is the young Republicans that are causing the upheaval. 

"The next generation of Republicans is both more splintered and less focused on social issues than are their older ideological brethren," says an article in Real Clear Politics. The success of the party will only occur when the GOP decides how to tackle the coexisting values of both generations.

And the division on these issues has affected states too. This was the first election where "ballot-driven measures to approve same-sex marriage in Maryland, Washington state, and Maine [passed] and a constitutional amendment that would have banned it in Minnesota failed".

Even though we may be riding the wave, hoping that Republicans will reshape their own party, it is too early to say how this will effect the next election or for that matter, Obama's second term.
What do you think? How are social issues playing into being conservative?

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