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Blog Nov, 15, 2012
Trans 101 for Faith Communities

November 20th marks the 14th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR). This event has grown from a candlelight vigil held in Alston, MA following the murder of local transsexual rocker Rita Hester in 1998 to a global phenomenon.

Blog Nov, 14, 2012
Honor The Transgender Day Of Remembrance

Every year at the end of November, communities across the globe come together to commemorate the International Transgender Day of Remembrance—a day dedicated to honoring trans* people who have lost their lives to acts of violence over the past year. You can click here to find a TDOR event in your area.

Blog Nov, 08, 2012
Voters Exercise Liberty of Conscience at the Polls

Over at Religion Dispatches, Senior Editor Sarah Posner suggests a religious realignment is underway with white religious conservative representing a coalition in decline, while President Obama has a more diverse one, made up of various religious and non-religious voters,

Blog Nov, 05, 2012
Reflections on the Repeal of DADT: Interview with Alexander Nicholson

In his book Fighting to Serve (Chicago Review Press, October 2012, Alexander Nicholson a former U.S. Army Human Intelligence Collector, brings to this story his unique experience as the named plaintiff on the lawsuit that got DADT declared unconstitutional.

Blog Oct, 22, 2012
Stickers Someday

I was sitting in that red swivel chair I had in my office when I heard her knock. Her knuckles trampolined against the glass pane that was next to my door, and sent bullets of sound ricocheting off pictures, and books, and the potted plant my boss had given me on my first day, which I’d managed to murder.

Blog Oct, 16, 2012
Blog Oct, 04, 2012
Will Your Catholic Parish Live The Gospel Message Of Inclusion On October 14?

On Sunday, October 14, will your Catholic parish live the Gospel message of inclusion?

Blog Oct, 02, 2012
Thank You Governor Brown For Protecting LGBT Youth

Governor Jerry Brown made U.S. history by signing into California law the first ever ban on LGBT ‘conversion’ therapy. As reported in The Daily News, “effective Jan.