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Blog May, 12, 2017
A Mother’s Journey To Affirmation

My daughter Kyndra Danyelle Frazier revealed to me that she was lesbian about 12 years ago. On that day, I was hurt but deep down in my soul I always knew that she was struggling with her sexuality.

Blog May, 04, 2015
What Will Life Be Like For My Interracial, Interfaith, Queer Family?

There’s a scene in the first season of the television show “The Fosters” in which Lena, one of the mothers in a lesbian relationship, helps Jude, her foster son, remove polish from his nails after some kids at school harass him over it.

Blog Apr, 10, 2015
The Florida House Passed An Adoption Discrimination Bill That Could Have Denied Me My Perfect Family

My name is Anthony. I’m 16 and I live in Clearwater, Florida, with my moms and three siblings. I was adopted by my parents when I was 13 years old after having spent four years in foster care.

Blog Dec, 10, 2013
Love Makes A Family: Queering The Nativity

In 2009, I created my own gay and lesbian nativity scenes for the Christmas season. One had two Marys at the manger with the baby Jesus, and the other featured two Josephs with the Christ child.

Blog Jul, 08, 2013
Searching God’s Guidance: How Will We Cope With Diversity?

In 2010, the U.S. Census showed that the non-Hispanic white population is growing at the slowest rate; it added that the Hispanic and Asian populations have grown considerably. In addition, we have seen remarkable shifts in public opinion to accept LGBT people over the past decade. 

Blog Jun, 17, 2013
Experiencing Grace: My Journey To Becoming An Ally

On an August afternoon last fall, I sat in front of my computer screen with tears streaming down my face. Maybe you did as well. Plastered all over my Facebook wall were photos of so many proudly eating a chicken sandwich in the name of American values, many in the name of Jesus. I’m guessing you saw them, too.

Blog May, 01, 2013
The Power Of Grace In My Non-Traditional Family

This is my family: 2 gay moms and 3 straight kids. 2 Whites, 2 Blacks and 1 Puerto Rican. 3 siblings from 3 different birth families. 5 different souls.

This is not an effort to get people to change their minds about marriage, but rather, to give people a look into my heart and my non-traditional family.

Blog Apr, 25, 2013
Friends Without Benefits

“It is not good for man to be alone.” Genesis 2:18

For those who strive to rebut charges of anti-gay discrimination by underscoring their love of sinners, friendship has become an important rhetorical device.

Blog Apr, 22, 2013
Called To Faith & Compassion

Faith is a journey that reveals the new and unexpected everyday. That’s a core belief we have at Believe Out Loud. We challenge ourselves, and others, to walk a mile in the shoes of those around us in an attempt to grow and strengthen our common humanity.

Blog Apr, 16, 2013
Expanding Christian Covenant

There are two possible narratives Christians can embrace related to the contemporary demand of gays and lesbians for social and legal recognition of their committed relationships: a narrative of moral decline, or a narrative of moral commitment. Most traditionalist Christians believe a narrative of moral decline; I believe a narrative of moral commitment. Or at least, I want to believe it.