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Blog May, 20, 2016
Mormon in Montana: My Experience Of LGBTQ Youth Homelessness

These days I am one of the first in any group to jump to defend someone’s religious beliefs, including their right to share them in a friendly, respectful manner. It wasn’t always this way.

Blog Apr, 14, 2015
Catholic High School Wrestler Builds Bridges By Coming Out As Gay

Cole Fox is a senior at Don Bosco Catholic High School in Gilbertville, Iowa, where until recently he wrestled successfully for one of the state’s top programs.

He is also an openly gay Catholic whose coming out and commitment to building bridges are inspirations for all who seek to advance LGBT justice.

Blog Nov, 24, 2014
Beyond Marriage: There's Work Left To Be Done

The recent appearance of pastors and churches declaring their willingness to perform marriages for same-sex couples has led to some of the most amazing imagery of the marriage equality struggle. Imagery the likes of which seemed all too impossible not long ago, especially in the deeply-red states of America.

Blog Sep, 17, 2014
5 Ways Churches Can Care For Homeless LGBTQ Youth

For progressive churches in the U.S., there is a "sweet spot" of meaningful engagement in LGBTQ justice that many congregations are missing.

Blog Oct, 15, 2013
Christians Affirm LGBTQ Youth This Spirit Day

This Thursday, October 17, is Spirit Day, when millions of people will wear purple to stand against bullying. 

Blog Sep, 10, 2013
Are We Reflecting God’s Love To Each Other?

Maria Medina is 17 years old, and she is a member of Presbyterian Welcome's youth group. She preached this sermon in both Spanish and English on August 25 at her church in Brooklyn, NY. 

News Sep, 03, 2013
Intercollegiate Adventist GSA Coalition Announces New Scholarship

The Intercollegiate Adventist GSA Coalition (IAGC) is proud to announce a brand new Leaders for Equality Scholarship.

The scholarship was created to support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) student leaders who work toward constructive dialogue and equality on Seventh-day Adventist college campuses across North America.

Blog Aug, 14, 2013
Presbyterian Welcome's Year Of Youth

I touched down in New York City last year just two weeks after graduation from seminary to join the staff at Presbyterian Welcome.

Blog Jul, 29, 2013
Do You Want LGBTQ Youth In The Church?

Last week, I went as an adult advisor to the sweltering Purdue University campus for Presbyterian Youth Triennium—a denominational conference for 5,000+ senior high students that comes with much anticipation every three years. Even with the travel and the lack of A/C in our dorm, the experience was a true gift, as I’ve come to understand most chances to journey with youth are.

Blog Jun, 28, 2013
I Have Not Always Stood On The Right Side Of History

I was looking at shirts today to wear to NYC’s Pride Parade, and I ran across this one, that says “I stand on the right side of history.” But I have a confession to make. I’m not sure I am allowed to wear this shirt.