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Blog Apr, 16, 2015
Blog Apr, 13, 2015
Tennessee March Builds Pride, Visibility, Faith

Starting at 10am on March 22, 2015, history took place in the state of Tennessee.

The first March for Transgender Visibility and Rights took place in Nashville, Tennessee.

Blog Mar, 11, 2015
Living Non-Binary: Taking A Leap Of Faith

When I first came out to my friends and loved ones as a non-binary trans person, I was forced to take a leap of faith I really wasn’t sure I wanted to take. I didn’t yet have the language to well describe my experience, who I was becoming, or how people could better understand what it meant for me.

Blog Mar, 06, 2015
Historic Day For LGBT Elders? We’ll See!

Walking into the Eisenhower Office Building in the White House complex on February 10, I realized that I was crossing what has the potential to be a historic threshold for the LGBT community.

Blog Feb, 26, 2015
It's Time for Trans Lives to Truly Matter to Us All

Each November LGBT centers, local groups, and churches host events for Transgender Day of Remembrance. It’s a single evening, a few hours, dedicated to memorializing those who were violently murdered for being transgender.

Blog Feb, 23, 2015
My Life As A Nuclear Weapon

I awoke to a bombshell last week. Pun intended, because I need some humor to dull the hurt, manage the anger, and resist a rekindled sense of insecurity. The bombshell is the statement attributed to Pope Francis concerning gender theory.

Blog Jan, 29, 2015
Walking In Two Worlds: Walking The Red Road As A Christian

I walk in two worlds, in many ways. Another way I walk in two worlds is in my faith walk. I Walk the Red Road, and then some.

Blog Jan, 26, 2015
Opening Doors: The Closet of Depression

I have remained mostly silent in light of the recent deaths by suicide of transgender women and men. I would like to say that I have some sort of honorable reason for that silence, but the reality is that I was just too afraid to say much.

Blog Jan, 15, 2015
Walking In Two Worlds: A Queer Spiritual Journey

I walk in two worlds. As a queer person of faith, my lived experience is a series of negotiations between contexts that affirm either my Queerness, or my Faith Walk. It is not unusual for a context that is life giving to one of these facets of my being to not make much room for the other.

Blog Jan, 09, 2015
God Made Me Transgender, And God Does Not Make Mistakes

It is always a tragedy when anybody takes their own life, doubly so when they are so young. This week Leelah Alcorn took her own life. In her note, she mentioned various reasons for her course of actions, from not thinking she would be able to pass as female to the lack of acceptance from her family.