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Blog Dec, 23, 2015
My First Trip Home For The Holidays As Myself

Thanksgiving 2011 was the first time my mother met her eldest son.

Blog Dec, 18, 2015
A Christmas Message For LGBTQ People Who Have Lost Their Families

Every year, I try my damnedest to get excited for the holidays. I really do. I listen to holiday music for .5 seconds, consider buying the packaged eggnog at the local grocery, and panic about the gifts I haven't bought—usually to no avail.

Blog Dec, 17, 2015
Saying Yes To God’s Call This Advent Season

The season of Advent guides us on a journey from darkness to light, from recognizing our great need for God to finding God’s love born in a manger.

Blog Dec, 16, 2015
My Christian Journey: Coming Out As Transgender

Hi, my name is Izek, and I identify as a bi-racial queer transman (FTM). Most importantly, I identify as a Christian.

I have had positive and negative experiences coming out as transgender. Luckily, I already had supportive friends, family, and church community.

Blog Dec, 15, 2015
Transitions May Be Tough, But My Faith Is Tougher

Since I was about seven or eight years old, I knew that I was not like other boys; I couldn’t throw “like a boy,” I cried easily; I wasn’t competitive. I knew deep down that I didn’t fit the “boy” pattern no matter how much I tried. Much as I wanted to please my dad, I couldn’t see well enough to catch a ball, much less hit one tossed by a pitcher.

Blog Dec, 10, 2015
I Survived Conversion Therapy, But Not Without Scars

When I was 15, my parents took me to the basement of a church in my western hometown for “therapy.”

Blog Nov, 25, 2015
Whitewashed, Reconciled, & Thankful

The Lakota creation story has the People springing forth from a hole in the ground somewhere in the Black Hills. That idea resonates with me, perhaps because there are many holes in what I know about my heritage. A hole in the ground is as good a place as any; I am very rooted to the Earth, and connected to the animals, the rocks, and the forests.

Blog Nov, 21, 2015
10 Transgender Christians Share Their Journey Stories—Part II

As Transgender Awareness Week comes to a close, we pause today to honor the journeys of transgender and gender non-conforming people of faith by sharing the 10 journey stories below. These blogs are all written by transgender people of faith, a majority of whom identify as Christian.

Blog Nov, 20, 2015
How Trans People Are Opening Space For Everyone

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance / Resilience. Today we honor gender non-conforming and transgender people who have been killed in acts of racist, transphobic violence.

Blog Nov, 16, 2015
What Happened When I Wrote A Letter To My Archbishop

A few days ago, I got a letter from my archbishop.

I couldn't even wait to get up the stairs to my apartment. The envelope was torn long before I keyed myself into the door and I even scrambled to take a picture of the fact—wind-tossed hair, lacking makeup, it didn't matter to me. I had heard back.