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Blog Mar, 28, 2016
How My Gender Journey Became My Resurrection

Easter service was exactly as one would expect, uneventful even, for most of those gathered that morning. As I joined my congregation early that day, I was greeted with the traditional “Alleluia! Christ is risen!” and the blast of the organ and choir singing, “Christ the Lord is Risen Today.” 

Blog Mar, 24, 2016
North Carolina's Transphobic Law Must Inspire Us To Love

Yesterday was a strange day for North Carolina. In late February the city council of Charlotte, the largest city in our state and, including the greater metro area, the home of roughly a tenth of the state’s population, passed an ordinance containing a strong set of LGBT protections including public accommodations protections for transgender people.

Blog Mar, 07, 2016
Here’s My Problem With Lent

I didn’t grow up in a tradition that observed Lent. Perhaps they found it too Catholic for their belief system. Now I minister in a church that observes Lent, Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday.

To say that it was a steep learning curve for me is an understatement.                          

Blog Mar, 01, 2016
Some People Are Afraid That I Might Have To Pee

UPDATE: Tell North Carolina Lawmakers To Protect LGBTQ People!

Across the country, transgender people are under attack, and in my observation, logic and facts are not at a premium in the discussion.

Blog Feb, 19, 2016
Coming Out...Again

It seems that my last 40 years has been about coming out. 

And each time I come out, I’m filled with awe by the courage of those that have come before me. I’m afraid that those who have professed to love me will change their minds. I’m certain that I will again be “too much.” I also wonder if it’s even worth the trouble. I cry and I wrestle. 

Blog Feb, 18, 2016
Strength To Be Faithful

The sun is setting a little later in the evening, but it sure is cold out. It must be Lent.

Given that, I think that we, as LGBTQ Christians, need to take some time to examine our theology of loss.

Blog Feb, 04, 2016
Why I Can’t Forget My Blackness

The discomfort of being THE black guy in the room is something that I have to negotiate over and over again. Often/especially in progressive and/or queer political spaces, I am one of very few people of color—it seems that there are places where the demographic “count” to cover all bases means that there’s one of this and one of that and a whole bunch of white folks at the table.

Blog Jan, 28, 2016
Welcoming The All-Gender Restroom “Revolution”

TIME Magazine recently declared that “The Gender-Neutral Bathroom Revolution is Growing.” Earlier this month, San Francisco joined cities like Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Austin, Seattle, Santa Fe, and New York City in requiring all businesses and city buildings to designate single-stall re

Blog Jan, 14, 2016
How Breaking Bread With Queer Christians Helped Me Rediscover Radical Love

On Sunday I took communion for the first time in more than a year. I hadn’t been avoiding it deliberately, but I realized just how long it had been as I approached the line to receive bread and wine (juice). I’ve heard the phrases “The body of Christ broken for you;” “The blood of Christ shed for you” hundreds of times in my life.

But this time it felt different.

Blog Jan, 08, 2016
The Real War On Christianity

I am a transgender Christian woman. This is the line I often use to begin one of my presentations about being a transgender woman of faith. Then I often follow that line with these: I like to start with that because you don't often hear the words transgender and Christian in the same sentence.