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Blog Jun, 30, 2016
A Queer Muslim Response To Orlando

A non-religious man with an Arabic name walks into a bar and slaughters 50 people. Under a system of white supremacy, all Muslims are implicated. As queer Muslims, we are demanded to be experts on the internal workings of a man whom we have never met, and on what it means for queerness, when all we can be are experts on ourselves. 

Blog Jun, 29, 2016
Searching For A Transgender Theology

Recently one of my pastors wanted to do a series about bodies and how we live in them as Christians. As part of this she put out a call on Facebook: did we know any books by Queer theologians, particularly from voices in traditionally marginalized communities (trans, POC, female, and others)?

Blog Jun, 09, 2016
I Am A Beloved Daughter Of God

In college I started a blog. The website was orange text on different-orange background that hurt the eyes to read. The top was emblazoned the title “HYPOCRITE,” and below the title was a quote from the book of Matthew. It was the scene of Judas betraying Jesus, but I'd cut the context and just left the kiss.

Blog May, 20, 2016
Mormon in Montana: My Experience Of LGBTQ Youth Homelessness

These days I am one of the first in any group to jump to defend someone’s religious beliefs, including their right to share them in a friendly, respectful manner. It wasn’t always this way.

Blog May, 11, 2016
Unitarian Universalist Trans Religious Professionals Gather For First-Ever Retreat

Last month marked a historic occasion. From Monday April 11 through Thursday April 14, fifteen Unitarian Universalist transgender and genderqueer ministers and religious educators gathered together in a first-ever retreat at the beautiful Asilomar retreat center in Pacific Grove, California.

Blog Apr, 28, 2016
The Source Of My Hope For The United Methodist Church

As a young queer and trans person seeking ordination in The United Methodist Church, I am incredibly blessed to have a wealth of role models to look to as I imagine the type of minister I hope to become. This may seem a strange thing to say in a denomination that has written discrimination against me and my queer family into its practices and policies.

Blog Apr, 27, 2016
The Story Of Resurrection Is A Story Of Transition

Easter Sunday. A day of many questions and confusion within a hope-filled community.

Blog Apr, 01, 2016
What The Queerest Musical Ever Taught Me About God’s Grace

I left the Sunday matinee of Fun Home and blinked into the sunlight. We had decided to go spontaneously as the last stop of our whirlwind weekend in the city.

Blog Mar, 30, 2016
How This Transgender Latina Found Her Way Back To Faith

Nicole Garcia created and donated a religious stole to the National LGBTQ Task Force’s Shower of Stoles, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary of telling the stories of LGBTQ people of faith. Click here to see how you can bring the Shower of Stoles project to your community.