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Blog Jul, 18, 2018
Arm Wrestling for Our Lives

Trigger Warning: Discussion of suicide and depression

As our collective consciousness was recently focused on the themes of depression, suicide and suicide prevention, I wish to express what many of us in our community know: LGBTQ+ people are at an increased risk for dying by suicide. Here’s my story of self-destruction, spiritual obedience and renewal.

Blog Aug, 29, 2014
The Stigma Of Black Suicide Is Killing Us

When the first news reports of Robin Williams’ death hit the media, few questioned the report that the country's most beloved comedian had committed suicide.

Blog Jul, 07, 2014
Damages: The Effects Of Spiritual Abuse

Trigger Warning: Discussion of suicide and self-harm

There is so much blood on the hands of Christians. From the Crusades to the modern anti-gay laws of Uganda, we are drenched in a legacy of blood. Perhaps it is fitting.

After all, Christianity was born out of blood spilled on the cross.

Blog Apr, 30, 2014
Loving All God's Children Equally

Today's church, the Body of Christ, is at a crossroads. Some denominations are trying to wear an accommodating mask under the guise of phrases like "hate the sin, love the sinner," but upon closer examination, we see that these words have a less-than-Christ-like tone.

How can love be a sin?

Blog Feb, 06, 2014
Shamed: How Spiritual Abuse Contributed To My Son's Death

Trigger Warning: Discussion of suicide

A kind, gentle, knowledgeable, and very socially conscious 16 year old boy arrived to join his circle of friends for a youth group prior to going on a mission trip. These kids and this place had been this boy's sanctuary from years of school bullying.