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Blog May, 15, 2017
Setting Black Mothers Free

As a teenager, I went to youth Bible study on Wednesdays, choir rehearsal on Fridays, and volunteered with the Children’s Ministry on Saturdays. My week, and my network of friends, revolved around social activities in church. We traveled from place to place because safe and loving adults cared to drive us from place to place. I think of people like my dad, Ms. Sonya, Ms. Burwell, Ms.

Blog May, 12, 2017
A Mother’s Journey To Affirmation

My daughter Kyndra Danyelle Frazier revealed to me that she was lesbian about 12 years ago. On that day, I was hurt but deep down in my soul I always knew that she was struggling with her sexuality.

Blog May, 03, 2017
We Are Beloved

When was the last time you heard a sermon focusing on your belovedness, with no "but" attached to it? I mean, an entire Sunday service all about taking in and feeling how much God loves you and delights in you—with no mention of, or alluding to the need for you to be better than you are, resist sin, or change anything about yourself?

Blog Aug, 19, 2016
Back To School For Trans Kids

The back-to-school season can bring a mixture of emotions for parents and kids alike. For some it’s all excitement. For others, it’s nervousness and trepidation. For transgender children and their parents, it can be a time of sheer terror. While some schools (and the communities they are in) are great, others are so anti-trans that it feels like we are sending our kids into a war zone.

Blog Jun, 10, 2016
My Christian Calling To Surrogacy

After the birth of my daughter in 2013 at midnight one night while I was up feeding her, I felt God. It was the strangest experience I have ever had. Many times in my life I have said in prayer “Please God, hit me over the head with the answer because I can’t take hints.” He did.

Blog May, 06, 2016
Why I'm The Proud Mother Of My Queer Son

As my queer son grew in maturity and wisdom, I questioned so many things—my importance in my son's life, the world's ideology, family members' loyalties, my son's safety, his happiness, and whether or not who he is is who he wants to be.

Blog Sep, 09, 2015
Coming Out As A Lesbian Mom

Facebook often sends me photos of past events I’ve posted. Kind of like a nostalgic, hey remember all the fun you had 5 years ago?! The last “reminder” really got me.   

Blog Sep, 03, 2015
How My Queer Son Became More Than A Blessing To Me

When I was pregnant with my son, my thoughts were muffled with unspeakable joy, of course, coupled with a touch of fear; as well as the sounds of 2am feedings, dirty diapers, fatigue, birthday parties filled with screaming crumb snatchers, 3 meals a day, playing games, lots of questions, and being able, by God's grace and mercy, to figure out how I was going to ke

Blog Jul, 14, 2015
How Love Heals: A Mother's Journey To Wholeness After Loss

Picking up the many pieces from a shattered and broken life is not as simple as gluing together a cracked clay pot. It takes so much more. For me it has taken great patience, much time, and a large dose of faith.

Blog May, 21, 2015
Give OUT Day: LGBTQ People Are Precious, Miraculous & Celebrated

I am Julie Wood, the mother of a gay son, an LGBTQ ally, and a proud member of Believe Out Loud.