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Blog Jan, 10, 2013
Will SCOTUS Tie The Knot?

When the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decided to review two lower court cases focusing on the legal definition of marriage, the nation’s highest court thrust itself into the center of a national debate. How exactly does the U.S. law define “marriage?” More to the point, should same-sex couples have the same federal benefits afforded heterosexual married couples?

News Dec, 06, 2012
Mexico Moves Toward Marriage Equality

The Supreme Court of Mexico ruled in favor of marriage equality on Wednesday. This decision overturns the southern state of Oaxaca's ban on gay marriage and puts the country on track to legalize same-sex marriage before the United States.

News Nov, 15, 2012
Social Issues Not A Focus For Young Republicans

Heated discussions may be right around the corner for the GOP as they begin to clean the wounds from the early November elections. And it all has to do with social issues.

News Nov, 07, 2012
Christians Lead the Way toward Marriage Equality

By Alison Amyx, Senior Editor, Believe Out Loud

In a historic vote for LGBT equality, same-sex marriage was legalized by popular vote in Maine, Maryland, and Washington.

News Nov, 06, 2012
Vote for Equality

Election Day is here, and it’s time to get out the vote for equality!

Residents of four states will consider marriage equality on their ballots. A popular vote for same-sex marriage in any of these states would be historic.

News Oct, 16, 2012
Nordstrom Comes Out Supporting Marriage Equality

Last week, Nordstrom sent an email to over 56,000 employees supporting marriage equality. The Seattle-based company stands behind ballot initiative Referendum 74 that would make same sex marriage legal in the state.

News Oct, 09, 2012
Week In Review

Good Tuesday morning. Welcome to Believe Out Loud's Week In Review, a weekly digest of the latest headlines at the intersection of Christianity and LGBT equality.

This lego Bible might be fun for the kids. 

News Oct, 05, 2012
Religious Leaders Support Marriage Equality in Washington

Religious leaders, including Rev. Sandford Brown of the First United Methodist Church in Seattle, support marriage equality in an ad recently put out by Washington United for Marriage

News Oct, 02, 2012
Catholic Parents Talk About Marriage Equality In Minnesota

Darlene and Tom White support their Lesbian daughter and want to see her marry the one she loves.

Tom realized, through his grandson, why marriage equality matters. "Why does a 15-year-old honor student and top athlete have to defend the very existence of his own wonderful family?"

News Oct, 02, 2012
Extra Muscle for Marriage Equality in Maine

For firefighters in Maine, it is all about teamwork. "If a guy works hard and does his job, I'm not going to judge him," said Dave Lorandeau, a firefighter in Maine voting YES on Question 1.