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Blog Mar, 07, 2016
Here’s My Problem With Lent

I didn’t grow up in a tradition that observed Lent. Perhaps they found it too Catholic for their belief system. Now I minister in a church that observes Lent, Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday.

To say that it was a steep learning curve for me is an understatement.                          

Blog Mar, 03, 2015
Fasting Toward Reconciliation This Lenten Season

An oily black smudge on my forehead and my fingers looking like they'd cleaned a chimney were the indicators Ash Wednesday night that Lent had officially begun.

Blog Mar, 24, 2014
Lenten Friendship: Reflecting On The Life Of Oscar Romero

As we journey through this reflective time of Lent, reflecting on love, sacrifice, transfiguration, pain, fear, and redemption, we also take the time to ponder our friendships, especially around death.

Blog Mar, 06, 2014
Ash Wednesday For All

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. For Christians it marks the beginning of the Lenten season—a season of preparation leading to Holy Week and Easter.

Blog Mar, 30, 2013
For Those Who Wait

A reflection for Holy Saturday, and for all those who wait.

We wait together for the resurrection, having witnessed our Savior's suffering with the women at the foot of the cross.

We wait together for our own healing, having witnessed our Savior's death at the hands of human failings.

Blog Mar, 05, 2013
LGBT Stations of the Cross: LGBTQ & Gay Christian Art
Artist Statement: LGBT Stations Of The Cross

Mary Button is the creator of the Stations of the Cross: The Struggle for LGBT Equality. Congregations and faith groups are encouraged to use these stations during the Lenten season for prayer and reflection.