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Blog Dec, 02, 2015
My Coming Out Helped Me Realize My White Privilege

Five years ago, at Christmas, I went home for the holidays and announced to my family that I was planning on going to seminary. For the most part, my family was excited and supportive of my decision to pursue ordained ministry, but a few were resistant.

Blog Nov, 25, 2015
Whitewashed, Reconciled, & Thankful

The Lakota creation story has the People springing forth from a hole in the ground somewhere in the Black Hills. That idea resonates with me, perhaps because there are many holes in what I know about my heritage. A hole in the ground is as good a place as any; I am very rooted to the Earth, and connected to the animals, the rocks, and the forests.

Blog Nov, 24, 2015
My Life As A Gay Mormon

As a gay Mormon, I make my home in the borderlands. In a theology that says every man must be married to a woman in order to be with God and progress in heaven, gay Mormons are anomalies. No one quite knows what to do with us.

Blog Nov, 21, 2015
10 Transgender Christians Share Their Journey Stories—Part II

As Transgender Awareness Week comes to a close, we pause today to honor the journeys of transgender and gender non-conforming people of faith by sharing the 10 journey stories below. These blogs are all written by transgender people of faith, a majority of whom identify as Christian.

Blog Nov, 20, 2015
How Trans People Are Opening Space For Everyone

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance / Resilience. Today we honor gender non-conforming and transgender people who have been killed in acts of racist, transphobic violence.

Blog Nov, 16, 2015
What Happened When I Wrote A Letter To My Archbishop

A few days ago, I got a letter from my archbishop.

I couldn't even wait to get up the stairs to my apartment. The envelope was torn long before I keyed myself into the door and I even scrambled to take a picture of the fact—wind-tossed hair, lacking makeup, it didn't matter to me. I had heard back.

Blog Nov, 12, 2015
Finding Something Greater Than Ourselves

I wouldn't say I grew up very religious. In fact, I don't believe in God in the traditional sense. I do, however, believe in something greater than ourselves and so often, in our day-to-day world, this is something we tend to forget.

Blog Nov, 06, 2015
Because Houston Deserves Better

Houston, you are an amazing place. You are the home of a thriving arts scene, a mecca of art museums and opera. You are one of the most famous cities in the wonderful, enormous state known as Texas. Not to mention, you are the home of NASA and the Johnson Space Center, where mankind’s triumphs in space travel can continue to inspire and educate the world.

Blog Nov, 05, 2015
Why I Hold My Partner's Hand

Put simply, I love and am in love. When one's heart is full. When one's day is preoccupied with another. When I am in touch with the truth that I can't live without him; and, I go through my day missing him, I can't help but hold my partner's hand. It is an empowering truth for me, for us!

Blog Nov, 02, 2015
Where My Loyalty Lies

I hate to drive. But I spent about four days this past weekend in my car, on the road for Reconciling Ministries Network. I did something I hate because I love my church–the one where God’s people taught me the language of faith, and the power of the Gospel to set people free.