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Blog Jul, 14, 2015
How Love Heals: A Mother's Journey To Wholeness After Loss

Picking up the many pieces from a shattered and broken life is not as simple as gluing together a cracked clay pot. It takes so much more. For me it has taken great patience, much time, and a large dose of faith.

Blog Apr, 20, 2015
Is The Apology From Bob Jones, III Enough?

Just before Easter, I learned that some of Bob Jones University’s loyal supporters have received a letter containing a very different message from the publicly posted apology that Bob Jones University released prior to 

News Apr, 07, 2015
Black Pastors Launch African Tour To Counteract Rick Warren’s Anti-Gay Movement

Spearheaded by The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries (TFAM), its founder and presiding Bishop Rev. Dr.

Blog Mar, 19, 2015
Lost and Found: When God Came Looking For Me

I have about zero sense of direction. I have tried, really tried. Years ago I took an orienteering course with wilderness experts, but today I still have to use my iPhone compass when exiting a subway station to know if I’m heading north or south. At this point in life, I accept that spatial reasoning is a type of intelligence I simply do not possess.

Blog Mar, 12, 2015
The Conversion Of A Teenage Homophobe

Having been raised in a small, conservative church in the Midwest, I was instilled with the notion that there was a clear distinction between “us” and “them.” There were certain people who were perceived as threatening to the true Christian faith.

Blog Feb, 27, 2015
What Happened When My Son Came Out As Gay

When my husband and I became parents for the first time, we knew this new role would change our lives forever. Our Catholic faith told us that we had been given the opportunity to become co-creators with God.

Blog Feb, 20, 2015
Fundamentals Without Fundamentalism

Had they lived, my mother and father would have celebrated their 100th and 99th birthdays this past weekend.

Gratefully I share some of the things they taught me by example that have shaped my spirituality.

Blog Jan, 14, 2015
The Gay Christian Network Conference: A Glimpse Into The Future Of The Church

Four years ago I didn't think it was possible to be both Gay and Christian. Those identities were diametrically opposed in my mind. To be gay was to have adopted a false identity rooted in sin and to be Christian was to find ones identity in Jesus Christ alone.

Blog Sep, 19, 2014
Gay Christian Mingle: A Story Of LGBT Second Adolescence

When I was in 10th grade my friends started having sex. Of course, several had already done so and some until this day have not, but in 10th grade people began to talk openly about their experiences, or at least their thoughts about their future experiences.