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Blog May, 02, 2016
A Christian Mom's Call To Do The Right Thing

As a mother of a gay son, I don’t think you can really understand where an LGBTQ person is coming from unless you come from a place of intense love. I don’t know that the LGBTQ issue would have registered much on my radar if I didn’t have someone whom I loved intensely struggling with his sexual identity.

Blog Feb, 03, 2016
How LGBTQ-Affirming Christians Can Help Conservatives Walk On The Water

The dust is settling from the cultural upheaval of the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision that established marriage equality across the United States and, in my Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the almost simultaneous adoption of a description of marriage as “between two people,” which permits pastors to preside at the weddings of two people regardless of gender.

Blog Oct, 01, 2015
Why This Queer Christian Is Praying For Kim Davis

I am deeply conflicted by the news coverage about the Pope's meeting with Kim Davis. I am also deeply troubled by the way that many of my friends have responded to this news. I have witnessed vitriol and even some hatred.

Blog Jun, 02, 2015
The Wholeness Of The Body Of Christ: Marriage Equality, Christian Unity, & Mainline Decline

Last month, Adam Hamilton shared this post about marriage equality in the United Methodist Church. Hamilton is a public figure, an authoritative voice not just within his own denomination, but within all of mainline Protestantism.

Blog Mar, 04, 2015
A Road Map Beyond Black History Month

Black History Month (which kicked off on Feb. 1) became a national annual observance in 1926. The goal of the month is to honor and celebrate the achievements of African-Americans.

Blog Feb, 17, 2015
When I Spoke Out, Support Poured Out

When I first joined the Many Voices Video campaign, I wrote a reflection on the importance of having the conversation around lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) acceptance in the Black Church—even when we’re not sure how.

Blog Jan, 30, 2015
Having The Conversation—Even When You’re Not Sure How

As a minister of God, it's important for me to be as inclusive as possible. That is why, when Many Voices asked me to be a part of their video campaign, I didn’t hesitate.

Blog Jan, 06, 2015
Open The Locks With Love

My hope is that by being openly-transgender, people will see our truths more clearly. How sad that any young person would not be able to believe they can be their authentic self. My heart is broken but my resolve is re-doubled again. 

I hate the ignorance and the religious intolerance that precipitates actions like the ones chosen by Leelah Alcorn.

Blog Jan, 10, 2014
Celebrating Our Common Unities Through Love

Personally, I am tired of religious irony. My own snarky, judgmental attitude about a Christian mega church, no matter how much in check I was able to keep it in the moment, almost kept me from making a beautiful discovery about the depth and capacity of the human heart.

When I walked into Overlake Christian Church, I half expected the walls to come crashing in.

Blog Jan, 03, 2014
We All Lost The Duck Dynasty Debate

Last week, news reports, talk shows, and social networks were saturated with updates from the great Duck Dynasty debate of 2013. I logged onto Facebook to see comments from both sides—from conservative friends lamenting the persecution of Phil Robertson to queer friends suffering from the hurtful debates circling their news feed. 

After only a week, Robertson's suspension was lifted.