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Blog Aug, 16, 2011
What Is Your Christianity Used To Justify?

Everyday the first thing I do here at Believe Out Loud is look for LGBT religious related news.  I look for stories to feature on our website or interesting people with whom we ally ourselves.  This morning, I was on The Advocate website, and came across a story about one of my favorite comediennes: Lucille Ball.  Although not work-

Blog Aug, 15, 2011
Sung Park Steps Down As Believe Out Loud Director

Sung’s top programmatic priority has been directing the Believe Out Loud campaign. He has invested thousands of hours these past three and a half years in the cause of justice and inclusion for the LGBT community. He will be missed, both here at Intersections and among our Believe Out Loud constituents.

Blog Aug, 01, 2011
Coming Out Christian

Coming out as Christian means coming out for love. Last Sunday, July 24, I went to the Manhattan Marriage Bureau on the first day same-sex couples could marry legally in New York State, dressed in my purple clergy robe. I went to congratulate couples and offer a religious wedding to any who might want it.

Blog Jul, 27, 2011
Out Of The Lion’s Den: Thoughts From A Believe Out Loud Intern

As a gay Southern Baptist, I have not felt particularly motivated to attend church in the past few years. Homophobia, hypocrisy, and attacks are common in the black Baptist church. Every time you go to church, you never know when a preacher is going to launch in an anti-gay tirade. You are not encouraged to be out.

Blog Jun, 29, 2011
Across The Aisle: Marriage Equality And Its Role In Changing The Church

I have never understood the wedding practice of seating people according to their relationship to one of the betrothed. Maybe this tradition made sense when marriage was purely an economic act: two families, each seated behind their son or daughter, were also entering into a contract.

News Jun, 14, 2011
Coalition Of Welcoming Christians Hold Historic Meeting With Southern Baptist Convention

A coalition of religious and secular organizations advocating to end the harm caused to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth by religion-based bigotry met Wednesday in a historic meeting with the president of the Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix, Ariz.

Blog Jun, 02, 2011
Does Your Church Walk The Talk?

As we enter the month of June, where do your thoughts turn? Graduation parties? Father’s Day? The promise of long summer days and warm summer nights?

Blog May, 24, 2011
Conversations Will Move Christians Towards LGBT Welcome

Two weeks into our campaign to join A Million People for LGBT-Inclusive Christianity, Believe Out Loud has reached its first milestone, topping 10,000 online members.