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Robert Chase is the Executive Director of Intersections International and works globally in the field of cross-cultural dialogue. Prior to Intersections, he served as Executive Director of the United Church of Christ’s Office of Communication, Inc.—the UCC’s historic media justice agency—and Director of Communications for the UCC serving its over 1.2 million constituency.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and New Brunswick Theological Seminary, Chase spent over a decade traveling across rural China, townships of South Africa, favelas in Brazil and the United States interfacing with diverse populations highlighted in his more than 100 documentaries. He has produced and directed such award-winning social justice documentaries as Troubled Waters; Strong Roots, Fragile Farms; LPFM: The People’s Voice; and Call Me Malcolm among others. A published author and playwright, he is also a nationally recognized speaker on topics of faith, cross-cultural dialogue and reconciliation, and has been featured on CNN, The New York Times, and Associated Press.

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Aug 15, 2011

Sung’s top programmatic priority has been directing the Believe Out Loud campaign. He has invested thousands of hours these past three and a half years in the cause of justice and inclusion for the LGBT community. He will be missed, both here at Intersections and among our Believe Out Loud constituents. The good news is that Sung is embarking on a new and exciting path.

May 06, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day from Believe Out Loud

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