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Peter is Dean of St John's Cathedral, Brisbane. Peter was ordained for the Diocese of Newcastle in 1989. From 1997 to 2007 Peter was the Dean of Grafton. He helped establish and run the International Philosophy, Science and Theology Festival, held at Christ Church Cathedral, Grafton, every two years. He holds a PhD in evolutionary microbiology from the University of NSW and a BD from the Melbourne College of Divinity.

His interests include Christian Formation, liturgical innovation, the interaction between science and religion, Narrative Theology and Social and Ecological justice. He is a member of a number of environmental and Human Rights organisations and has served on Anglican Social Justice Committees at both Diocesan and National level. He is currently chair of the Brisbane Social Responsibilities Committee and the Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce. He is President of A Progressive Christian Voice.

Peter understands that an evolving society will be best served by an evolving church. He has enjoyed a twenty years-long engagement with techniques that engage with emergence and complexity.

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Aug 31, 2015

In Australia, clergy are "coming out" for marriage equality in ever increasing numbers. This is because of their experience of working with people at the most personal of levels.

Through such interaction they have seen that profound love and deep commitment is at the very essence of the human person. 

They also understand from science that an attribution of gay sexuality as sin and rejection of God, of being against nature and with a lifetime's non-negotiable mandated celibacy is no longer acceptable intellectually. 

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