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Pamela Glover Frazier is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. She has been married to Sammie Lee Frazier for thirty-three years, and is the mother of Kyndra Danyelle and Kaylan Dionne Frazier. She has dedicated her life to the field of human services where she has worked over 30 years as a Human Resource Specialist. Currently, she is a Human Resource Manager for ResCare, in Charlotte, NC, a human services company that offers services to people of all ages and abilities to help make their lives more independent. She is concerned about the reception of LGBT persons in their families, particularly those from Christian backgrounds. She desires to use her own experiences to help LGBT persons and families who struggle to be in relationship be reconciled to one another.

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May 12, 2017

My daughter Kyndra Danyelle Frazier revealed to me that she was lesbian about 12 years ago. On that day, I was hurt but deep down in my soul I always knew that she was struggling with her sexuality.

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