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I am a twenty-something woman working on my second Master's degree. I've lived in North Carolina for twenty years, and have recently made the switch from being a Methodist to being an Episcopalian. I learned about and identified with asexuality when I was 24 and have felt comfortable with that identity ever since. I live with my two cats, Leo and Py, my fish Whisper, and my hermit crabs Herman and Hermes.

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Jul 10, 2017

I grew up in a Methodist Church in a small town in North Carolina. When I reached my pre-teen years, I moved from the children’s programming to Methodist Youth Fellowship, or MYF. Most of the time, I felt comfortable with the lessons they were teaching. Except for the talks about sex and sexual purity. The message MYF pushed to us was an abstinence-only policy: “Our bodies are the Lord’s temple and we should keep them pure.” 

“No problem,” I thought. “Is anybody really interested in sex? This will be easy.” 

Jun 02, 2017

When puberty began, I assumed I was like everyone else. They got crushes on people, I got crushes on people. They wanted to hold hands and kiss their crushes, I wanted to hold hands and kiss my crushes.

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