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Haven Herrin, a queer, trans* white Southerner from Texas. They are in love with the organizing of Soulforce because it deeply connects the spiritual, the personal, and the political in the work of challenging Christian Supremacy. Haven started with Soulforce in 2005 as an Equality Ride Co-Director, a recurring tour of the campuses of the Religious Right. From that work unfurled an understanding of the Religious Right as a centuries long economic project premised upon a social order bounded by colonization, white supremacy, and patriarchy. Now that you know their politics, it might be interesting to learn that they approach their organizing through the eyes and hands of an artist and designer. Dance keeps their spirit alive outside of work, and inside the world of organizing, Haven loves nothing more than creating the space for everyday activists to locate and embrace their power and wholeness alongside a fine-tuned analysis.

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Apr 07, 2017

Though I had my mom with me on our crew of activists, Soulforce’s action at the women’s Final Four basketball game this weekend was one of the more daunting in my dozen years of direct action organizing.

From the moment we entered the arena, police crowded us, grilled us with questions, monitored us from above, and even followed us to the bathroom. 

We breathed deep. We prayed. 

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