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Dr Stuart Edser PhD. MAPS. MCCOUNP. MASCH. is a Counselling Psychologist in Private Practice in Newcastle. He is the Principal Psychologist of Newcastle Psychology & Health. Apart from dealing with mental health issues on a daily basis, he also specialises in pain psychology and in sexual matters, including dysfunctions, orientation and identity issues. He also lectures and tutors in the Bachelor of Medicine program at the University of Newcastle teaching sexual counselling skills to third year students and lectures on the topic of homosexuality. In 2012, he published his first book Being Gay, Being Christian (Exisle) to widespread interest from all sections of the media as well as the Christian and gay communities. He has a long history as a Christian in both Catholic and evangelical / Pentecostal churches, including training as a minor seminarian in a religious order and helping found an independent charismatic church in Newcastle. As a gay man, he includes part of his own experience in the book: his journey towards being a psychologically stable gay man brought up in the church and the evolution of his own faith as he chose to abandon a spirituality that was no longer workable in its traditional form. He writes a Being Gay Being Christian blog where he explores the issues in the book further. He is a popular speaker at conferences and is invited to give guest lectures and to speak to churches and many Christian groups. He is also asked to review other papers and books on this topic regularly. In 2012, he appeared on the supporting team on an elephant tv one-hour documentary about Same –Sex Marriage. He is a member of A Progressive Christian Voice (Australia) and now espouses an ‘emergent church’ or ‘progressive Christianity’ theology. He lives happily with Chris his partner, whom he ‘illegally’ married in October 2014 after fourteen years together.

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