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delfin is a native of Miami, FL and of Cuban and Salvadoran heritage. delfin is a social worker and queer theologian who is passionate about engaging the intersections of religion, sexuality, race/ethnicity, and social justice. delfin is the Director of the LGBT Center at Ohio University where they hope to create safer spaces where individuals and communities are challenged to explore identity, expression, gender, and orientation in their complexities. delfin currently serves on the board of directors for Call To Action, and is involved with Dignity USA and Soulforce. delfin is a coauthor for the upcoming book Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, and maintains the blog "La Lucha, Mi Pulpito." delfin enjoys cooking, eating, laughing, writing, photography, and "queerying" issues. delfin grounds their spiritual, academic, activist, professional, and personal lives in la lucha (the struggle)—lifting up our stories and experiences to inspire creative, transformative, authentic actions that thrive outside boxes and dominant narratives.

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Mar 31, 2017

I am not oppressed, I am not a victim—I thrive, I rise, I am.

A few months ago, I participated at an organization's Board of Directors meeting. It was an intense gathering where we were all challenged to stretch beyond our comfort zones and look at how each of us participates in anti-oppression work and in oppression (intentionally and unintentionally)—sometimes at the same time.

At the end of the meeting, I was addressed directly.

May 31, 2016

Para mi querida Iglesia,

Apr 27, 2016

Easter Sunday. A day of many questions and confusion within a hope-filled community.

Oct 17, 2014

In reflecting over my ongoing sojourn with faith and sexuality, I realize that who I am and the area I seek to evolve is one that both disturbs and is disturbed, changes and is changed. 

As I look back at my life in an effort to re-remember my re-membering as I wrestle with church teaching, CCD classes, retreats, a home that reinforced what the church expounded, my continuous coming out, and personal beliefs about faith, I am mindful that 12 years ago, if I knew what I knew today I would have condemned myself.  

Jul 16, 2014

At a time where the Catholic Church is under much scrutiny due to scandal, abuses of power, and upholding teachings that fracture rather then unite, this short video of Father Donal Godfrey has rekindled my faith that all will be well within the tradition I was raised in.

Many have asked me if Pope Francis' perceived openness reflects the priest's sentiment of "it gets better."

Mar 24, 2014

As we journey through this reflective time of Lent, reflecting on love, sacrifice, transfiguration, pain, fear, and redemption, we also take the time to ponder our friendships, especially around death.

Aug 12, 2013

As I sit at my gate waiting for the flight to the US at the end of a transformative week at World Youth Day in Rio, I have been reflecting on the various messages we have received from the pope: live your truth, make a mess, and who am I to judge. This week has been incredible and I know that insights will continue to be sparked with each look back today, next week, 2 months from now, 10 years from now. 

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