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I am a member of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship in the Diocese of Eastern Michigan. I serve as one of the nine members of the Michigan Lower Peninsula Diversity Task Force, the anti-racism initiative that covers the three Episcopal Dioceses in the “mitten” of Michigan. After wandering in the secular wilderness for many years, I found my way back to Christianity through the social justice ministry of the Episcopal Church. I work with local non-profits serving the homeless, hungry, and survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Last year's marriage equality issue gave me the opportunity to organize the first LGBTQ group sponsored by a church in this part of Michigan. I am particularly interested in raising our consciousness on the intersectionality of all forms of injustice in the dominant culture.

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Mar 05, 2015

A year ago, when the Rowse-DeBoer marriage equality case was heard in a federal court in Detroit, I joined marriage equality supporters picketing in front of the courthouse. There I was lucky enough to meet Jami and Krista, a lovely same-sex couple who have since become parents and celebrities (but not in a good way).

Jami and Krista’s baby girl, Bay, is the infant who, at just four months old, was turned away by a doctor who refused to treat the child of a lesbian couple.

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