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Amber Cantorna is the author of Refocusing My Family and the founder of Beyond, a non-profit organization offering support to LGBTQ people through their coming out process. You can see Amber at one of her 20+ tour events nation-wide by checking out her tour schedule, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Oct 11, 2017

Ten years ago if someone asked me to predict my future, I would have said that I expected to married with kids, and involved in some sort of Christian ministry. Ironically, that isn’t far from the truth, except that the specific confines of that prediction had a drastically different outcome than I (or any of my family) ever saw coming. 

Today I am married, but to a woman.

I consider my two dogs my kids. And I am currently in ministry working for full inclusion of LGBTQ people in faith communities. 

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