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Rev. Ronald W. Cadmus was ordained a United Methodist Minister in 1975 and became a minister of the Reformed Church in America when invited by Norman Vincent Peale to join the Collegiate Ministry in New York City.  He was installed as the 48th Minister in Line of Succession since 1628 at the historic Collegiate Church. Presently he is an Interim Minister and author.  His new book Still, In One Peace will be published in April.

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Jul 28, 2014

I believe we can be strong, hopeful, and secure, while discovering how to live each moment, confront every struggle, and handle any adversity. In doing this, we are able to find ourselves living Still, In One Peace.

Many of you will know the painful struggles and adversities through which we hope to find ourselves still in one piece.

Nov 22, 2013

In corporate America, particularly Ernst and Young, there is a non-discrimination policy regarding LGBT employees that falls under the corporation slogan: Bring Your Whole Self To Work. It is an incredible supportive statement of the Corporate World towards LGBT people.

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