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Rev. Ken Carroll is the Vice-Moderator at The Rock Metropolotian Community Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Originally from Providence, RI, he resides with his partner, 1 year old rescue puppy, and 17 year old ball python. A customer service representative for T-Mobile, Ken also is the Chairman of the Chattanooga T-Mobile PRIDE committee.

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Aug 06, 2014

Imagine with me, if you will, being on a romantic date. Everything is perfect—the food, the conversation, even the ambiance. It’s an amazing evening.

While you are enjoying dinner, your boss who happens to be eating in the same restaurant, passes by and stops to say hello, so you introduce your date to your boss. Now, imagine going to work the next morning to find your things boxed up with a message to go directly to your boss’ office, where you are told that you are being let go.

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