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Izek identifies as a queer, transman and advocate for members of the LGBTQ community struggling with self-acceptance in the context of Christianity. He grew up belonging to the youth worship ministry in an Assemblies of God church. During that time, he was forced to leave his position in the ministry and any leadership position after being outed as a lesbian by a church leader. This experience led Izek to a new church called Freedom in Christ. Located in San Francisco, this evangelical church affirms LGBTQ people of faith. Here, Izek was able to explore God’s unconditional love and acceptance of all members of the church regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Izek has since dedicated himself to community outreach in order to share the truth about why it is not a sin to be LGBTQ and that one can be both LGBTQ and Christian. This allowed Izek to feel supported in his own journey; when he realized he identified as transgender, he had the strong foundation of God’s love and supportive church community. 

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Dec 16, 2015

Hi, my name is Izek, and I identify as a bi-racial queer transman (FTM). Most importantly, I identify as a Christian.

I have had positive and negative experiences coming out as transgender. Luckily, I already had supportive friends, family, and church community.

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