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Bishop Abrams is the founder and current pastor of Empowerment Liberation Cathedral. Her background in education began at Howard University in Washington, D.C. where she graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science In Mechanical Engineering (BSME). Dr. Abrams attended law school at Miles Law School for 2 years and then accepted her call to ministry. She received her Master of Divinity from United Theological Seminary in 2000 and received her Doctor of Ministry from United Seminary in 2005 with a focus on Worship.

Dr. Allyson Abrams is the founder of a non-profit community development corporation, Speak The Truth Economic Empowerment Corporation and also she founded MyVision Corporation. Bishop Abrams founded Speak The Truth Baptist Church in 2001 and pastored the church for 7 years. Then Bishop Abrams was called as the first female pastor in the church’s 55 year history, to be the senior pastor of Zion Progress Baptist Church in Detroit, where she served for over 5 years This occasion was historic because it made her the youngest female to be voted in by a congregation, as senior pastor, in any Black Baptist Church in Detroit.

She is the author of three books—Being On The Wheel in the Midst of Seminary, Worship Beyond Sunday Morning, and God Can Still Use You. Dr. Abrams was known in some arenas for her voice; she used to sing with the Young Adult Fellowship Ensemble at Metropolitan under the gospel artist, Richard Smallwood. She has sang in many ensembles and choirs throughout her 43 years of life. Bishop Abrams was honored to have 2 sermons published in a global preacher’s magazine, The African American Pulpit.

Dr. Abrams has preached in many pulpits across the United States, and is known for her fiery, stirring, messages. She is often requested to pray on programs and conferences because of the electrifying prayers that she gives. Dr. Abrams has also been trained in politics. She was 1 of 24 people selected across the entire state of Michigan for a Political Fellowship in 2006 with Michigan State University. She was elected to the School Board of Oak Park, MI and served as the President of the Board for 1 year of her term. She served as Vice President of the NAACP in South Oakland County, MI. She served as the Secretary for The Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit, MI. She also served as a Police Chaplain for the Detroit Public Schools.

Bishop Abrams has impacted many ministers while working as an adjunct professor at Ashland Theological Seminary, Detroit campus for over 7 years. She worked as an adjunct professor with Wayne County Community College and as a doctoral mentor at Ecumenical Theological Seminary. Dr. Allyson Abrams was named as one of the “Who’s Who of Black Detroit” in 2006 and 2010. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and Order of Eastern Star. Bishop Abrams is the proud mother of 3 adult children and the spouse of Bishop Diana Williams. Bishop Abrams' passion and gift is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping God’s people. Because of her service in ministry and to the community, she was named Alumni of the Year at United Theological Seminary (2012).

In 2012 she received the Pastor’s Salute Honor from the Michigan Chronicle newspaper for her excellent work at the church and in the community. Dr. Abrams has preached on national stages and is fondly known as the female preacher who will “bring it." She was elevated in ministry and consecrated bishop in April 2012 and serves as presiding bishop of Pneuma Christian Fellowship. She will continue her social justice work and ministry at Empowerment Liberation Cathedral.

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Apr 04, 2016

A religious stole was donated in honor of Bishop Abrams to the National LGBTQ Task Force’s Shower of Stoles, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary of telling the stories of LGBTQ people of faith. Click here to see how you can bring the Shower of Stoles project to your community. 

May 28, 2014

Love is one of the things that makes us, as a people, thrive. We love our families. We love our friends. We grow to love those in our communities. We love those in our church. And we even love those who are in our schools. Love is a matter of the heart. Most persons who have found love can testify that it was heart over mind, a feeling over teaching—spirit over doctrine.

Therefore affairs of the heart are not always what we predict them to be or outline for our lives.

May 01, 2014

As I reflect on the last six months, I can only say it was the grace of God that has kept me and kept my mind.

It was only God's love that kept my wife and I covered.

Nov 12, 2013

I must say that it is truly an experience to be “outed” when you are a community leader and religious figure. I always knew that at some point I would have to share with my congregation that I married the love of my life—and that she is a woman—but I wanted to wait until the right time. In hindsight though, would the “right time” ever have come? 

I got married in March 2013 to my best friend.

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