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Episcopal Church

LGBT Ordination: 
LGBT Affirmation: 
Marriage Equality: 
LGBT Affirmation Body: 

The Episcopal Church General Convention has passed multiple statements affirming LGBT people, although support varies by diocese and congreation. IntegrityUSA advances LGBT-inclusion throughout the EC.

LGBT Ordination Body: 

The Episcopal Church ordained its first openly gay priest in 1989 and in 1994 passed a resolution that affirmed LGB persons could be ordained. In 2012, the Church gave full protection to trans people entering the ordination process.

Marriage Equality Body: 

In 2009, the Episcopal General Convention made room for Bishops to permit priests to marry/bless same-gender couples; today 19 dioceses permit priests to do so. in 2012, the Church adopted an official rite of blessing for same-sex couples.

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this Episcopal church as reconfermend my familys faith in church. we were looking for a accepting church when we had our son 9 years ago. when we called to see if thay would accept us we were told EVERY ONE was welcom at there rail.. This is so true. they have accepted us with open arms. and have helped out our family when we have needed it. including paying our rent. last year they performed our Blesing ceramonie and most every one there was family and church members. our Rector of the church even stood and presented me as I love him as if he was my own Dad. Mth. lauren did a wondewrfull service.

for anyone looking for a loving church in the keller/Southlake Tx area please come join our family. They Accept EVERYONE in GODs love

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