The Bible And Homosexuality: A Biblical Presentation With Matthew Vines

Matthew Vines grew up attending a conservative Presbyterian church in Wichita, Kansas.  He went to Harvard University, but after two years decided to take a leave of absence so that he could study the Bible and homosexuality. Matthew recorded a presentation he gave on the subject, which went viral on YouTube. Watch his compelling presentation above.

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Words fail me. Excellent is the best I can do.

Thank you for this reminder of our spiritual responsibility to LOVE!

I am glad he has tried to stick with his faith & faith community. Lots have left churches due to not being treated like everyone else. I see how this young man deeply cares about his relationship to God, enough to seek & find God's will for himself as a gay man. Epigenetic inherited studies & messages like this have been helpful to show me the error of my former beliefs that leaned too legalisticly on the religious right. I repent of that because I was more Pharisee than Christian in behavior & attitude toward non-heterosexuals.

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