NOM’s Confidential Court Documents Reveal Divisive Racism Strategy

The New Civil Rights Movement 

Confidential court documents created by NOM, the National Organization For Marriage were unsealed and obtained yesterday by HRC, the Human Rights Campaign. These documents reveal a shocking and sickening corporate strategy of using race to divide Americans, creation of false positioning between Christians who do and do not support equality, and identifying “beautiful” people to embody their messaging, among other strategies, like “sideswiping Obama,” and painting him as a “social radical.”

The documents expose NOM’s philosophy: “Gay marriage is the tip of the spear, the weapon that will brand is being used to marginalize and repress Christianity and the Church. What does the gay marriage idea mean once government adopts it? It means faith communities that promote traditional families should be treated in law and culture like racists.”

Read the whole story at The New Civil Rights Movement

Image courtesy of The Human Rights Campaign

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