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Nov 25, 2014

America’s original sin of racism is playing out in Ferguson, Missouri, as buildings lie in smoldering ruins and rage at injustice simmers. How did we get here?

Blogger:Rev. Darlene GarnerDirector, Office of Emerging Ministries, Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC)
Nov 20, 2014

Today, let us pray to whatever Universal energy, whatever God, whatever entity we feel resonates most with our intentions. Let us remember to hold space for all the trans people that have unfairly lost their lives due to discrimination, due to violence and due to the indifference of those who remain silent. 

Blogger:J Mase IIIFounder, awQward Talent
Blogger:SahLeem Israel ButlerDigital Artist
Nov 14, 2014

"Sexual orientation is not a sin. Gender identity is not a sin. We are all created in the image of God."

Blogger:Rev. Ray BagnuoloChaplain, That All May Freely Serve
Nov 24, 2014

The recent appearance of pastors and churches declaring their willingness to perform marriages for same-sex couples has led to some of the most amazing imagery of the marriage equality struggle. Imagery the likes of which seemed all too impossible not long ago, especially in the deeply-red states of America.

Blogger:Stephanie MottExecutive Director, Kansas Statewide Transgender Education Project
Nov 13, 2014

Growing up the thing that fascinated me the most about God was his size. My mother would tell me that God is bigger than everything. She would also tell me that God is everything, which I always questioned because wouldn’t that mean God would even be bigger than himself at times?

Blogger:Timothy DuWhiteProgram Associate, Believe Out Loud
Nov 21, 2014

Today is the final day of Transgender Awareness Week, which culminated yesterday with vigils around the world for Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Blogger:Alison AmyxSenior Editor, Believe Out Loud
Nov 18, 2014

The news of a slate of mostly conservative bishops being elected to represent the U.S. Catholic Church at the Synod on the Family in Rome next October was disappointing.

Blogger:Bob ShineYoung Adult and Social Media Coordinator, New Ways Ministry
Nov 12, 2014

In the wake of criticisms aimed at President Obama’s handling of Ebola, a black and white photograph of Ronald Reagan started appearing all over my Facebook feed. Written across the photograph, in standard meme format, were these words: “President Reagan ignored AIDS until 20,849 Americans had already died.

Blogger:Mary ButtonMinister of Visual Arts, First Congregational Church

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