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Apr 29, 2016

Earlier this month, I testified in a hearing before a Minnesota House Committee on HF3396, a misguided piece of discriminatory legislation that would restrict bathroom access for trans and gender nonconforming people on the basis of “biological sex.”

Blogger:Rev. DeWayne L. DavisSenior Pastor, All God’s Children Metropolitan Community Church
Apr 26, 2016

During Lent in England’s Diocese of Brentwood, the Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Helen scheduled a Mass for the LGBT community, in honor of the Jubilee Year of Mercy. While the Dean of the Cathedral, Fr.

Blogger:Francis DeBernardoExecutive Director, New Ways Ministry
Apr 20, 2016

American Idol finalist La’Porsha Renae made comments about the LGBTQ community that gave many pause. When asked about the controversial bill that was passed in her home state of Mississippi, Ranae said that she did not agree with any law that would discriminate against anyone. 

Blogger:Verdell A. WrightMinister, United Church of Christ
Apr 28, 2016

As a young queer and trans person seeking ordination in The United Methodist Church, I am incredibly blessed to have a wealth of role models to look to as I imagine the type of minister I hope to become. This may seem a strange thing to say in a denomination that has written discrimination against me and my queer family into its practices and policies.

Blogger:M BarclayDirector of Communications, Reconciling Ministries Network
Apr 19, 2016

In early April, the Great Plains (Kansas and Nebraska) bishop rejected a proposal to resolve a complaint lodged against Rev. Cynthia Meyer who came out to her Edgerton, Kansas, congregation during a Jan. 3rd sermon.

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